My First 3D Model


This was my very first 3D model. I flew the Oolagah Dam spillway while the gates were wide open. This was merely a test to see how my GoPro and 3DR Solo drone would do when put to the task of gathering data for a 3D model. I exported the LAS point cloud from Pix4D and imported it into ArcScene. I applied RGB to get the natural colors and it turned out pretty decent. The water wasn’t captured and I assume it’s because of how much it was white-capping. I learned about Remote Sensing in college, and I know the light is scattering on the rough waters. I was able to get a few solid measurements of the water channel (370′ & 303′) as you can see.

This was a success in my books.


Picher Perfect|An Oklahoma Ghost Town

I had just recently passed my remote pilot exam, and I was itching to take to the skies. I wanted my first drone outing to at least be somewhat purposeful and interesting, so I thought it would be fitting to document what was left of Picher, Oklahoma. Picher is an abandoned town located in the Northeastern part of the state. Toxic levels of lead, zinc, and other harmful metals litter the town and forced residents to evacuate years ago. The large mounds in the video are piles of excavated lead and zinc materials from subsurface mining. These piles are commonly referred to as “chat”. I know a good amount of people who played on these piles and swam in these rivers before it was known to be an extreme hazard.

This video is what we put together of our day. We were a crew of three. I flew my 3DR Solo drone to capture the aerial footage, my girlfriend Taylor was my visual observer, and Paxton used his Canon T5i to get the ground video.