Pollard GIS exists to bring geospatial technology and solutions to individual people, not just large businesses. Individuals should have an affordable way to reap the benefits of GIS and drone technology. That is what PGISS is here to do…

Convenient | Reliable | Affordable



Pollard GIS Services is owned by Trent Pollard. Operations span throughout Oklahoma utilizing a small network of reliable certified remote pilots.

Services include aerial mapping, aerial photography/videography, and GIS development.


Trent earned his bachelor’s degree in Geographic Information Science from the University of Oklahoma. He has several years of professional GIS experience, and is a commercially licensed drone pilot.

To consult about a project, email Trent directly. trentpollard7@gmail.com

“I am usually very quick to respond. Thank you!”


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PGISS practices safe flying and is commercially licensed via the FAA’s Part 107 rules and regulations.
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